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Website Developments  ~  2015

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The initial work involved in creating a new Cultural Archive in the web site ("Creative Ayrshire") was completed during 2014.  The Creative Ayrshire section, which will always open in a new window (with the other Network pages remaining open for ease of navigation), is now the major portion of our online presence.

Over the past year numerous online sources (and further printed material) covering the day to day activities in the Arts in Ayrshire have become available.  Consequently, the 'current' Arts pages on the Network Website have been discontinued. 

Material relating to the activities of the Network between 2007 and 2014 will remain in this site until April 2015.  Thereafter, all network contributions, including the artists directory, will be withdrawn.  The site will continue as Creative Ayrshire, dedicated to provision of an online record of historical and recent cultural activity in the County. 

The Facebook pages will continue to provide live information on the Arts and practitioners in the area.  Such material will be posted by individuals or groups and does not originate from the Network or the originators of 'Creative Ayrshire'.  There is a link to the Network Facebook Pages on the Creative Ayrshire main menu.


The Ayrshire Arts Network was formed in 2007 to provide a way for those people interested in the arts to communicate with each other and discover what is happening in the county.