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Creative Ayrshire explores the rich history of cultural activities in Ayrshire and the West of Scotland over the past 215 years and touches on recent activity in the creative communities within the county.  The material is derived from personal research by Mike Bailey, with substantial contributions by David J. F. Crouch, Ken Walker, Rita Smith. Joan Hughson and Carolyn O'Hara.  The research draws on local records and resources, supplemented by personal recollections.  Where material draws on personal records, the source is indicated on the relevant pages.

For simplicity, the arts have been separated into four main categories, supported by a summary of current provisions.  Inevitably, given the particular interests of our contributors, material is heavily weighted towards the performing and visual arts.  It is hoped that the remaining sections can be expanded as material becomes available.    In it's present form, the site includes considerable historical material relating to cultural activity in Edinburgh, Dublin and London as centres that contributed to and influenced activity in Scotland. 

Naturally, we welcome any material that you might consider submitting to the archive.  Please use our 'contact us' form to get in touch.  

Creative Ayrshire was previously a part of the Ayrshire Arts Network website.  The Ayrshire Arts Network on Face book continues without change although the Network has been disbanded and it's objectives combined with those of the South Ayrshire Arts Partnership. 

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