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Loudoun Hall, Ayr

1.   Courtyard
Loudoun Hall Courtyard, looking towards the Malt Cross.  magnify   Photograph ©Mike Bailey.

2.  Loudoun Hall
The Malt Market and Loudoun Hall, Ayr. Photograph  magnify   Photograph ©Mike Bailey.

3.   Sheena
Sheena's Chair. Art work created by Gordon Young during the refurbishment of the Loudoun Hall in 1997. Sheena, is one of the trustees of the hall.   Magnify    Photograph ©Mike Bailey.

Loudoun Hall courtyard, looking towards Boat Vennel.   magnify   Photograph ©Mike Bailey.



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Loudoun Hall

Loudoun Hall was built by James Tait, a burgess of Ayr about 1513. 

It is one of the few examples in Scotland of a town house of its period. It originally consisted of three vaulted rooms on the ground floor, a large hall on the first floor, and an attic storey. Two garderobes, accessible by wooden galleries (now restored) projecting outside the building, open off the main hall and second floor respectively, with a third in another corner of the second floor, in the thickness of the wall.

Loudoun Hall has been extensively refurbished and it is an outstanding example of an early town house. It is administered by trustees and is used as a meeting hall and cultural venue

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Loudoun Hall as an Arts Venue

Over the years, since the refurbishment in the 1950's, the Loudoun Hall has provided accommodation for a variety of activities.

During the 1960 and 70's, with the support of the Scottish Tourist Board, there was a summer craft residency that was particularly popular with visitors to the burgh.  Later, from about 1988 until 1997, Kyle and Carrick District Library and Museum Service organised a summer artists residency, with financial support from Ayr Common Good Fund.  Selected artists were offered a one week residency during July or August.  During that period they were asked to operate an open studio to demonstrate their work and to meet members of the public.  This residency was open to amateur artists and professionals.  At various times, residents included visiting artists from Germany and Czechoslovakia together with a wide variety of contributors from the West of Scotland.

At the end of the 1990's there was further refurbishment of the building, with the opening of additional space on the upper floor.  Since that time there have been a variety of activities and meetings within the building.

During the 2012 Burns an' a' That Festival, a series of brief performances and events were presented within the building.

At one stage, the venue was a home for Ayr Folk Club.


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Commissioned Works at the Loudoun Hall

Ayr Town Centre - Loudoun Hall

Ayr Town Centre: Environmental Improvement Trust

Oct 1996 to May 1997

Town Centre, South Ayrshire

The forecourt of Ayr's Loudoun Hall has been transformed into a public multi-sensory garden through collaboration between artist Gordon Young and architects Reiach and Hall. It combines sculpture, a scented wall, trees, lighting and a glass wall etched with text.


Gordon Young
Reiach & Hall Architects
Louise Lusby Taylor


SAC Award amount
Project total cost
Funding purpose
Towards the cost of arts-led environmental improvement of Loudoun Hall forecourt, Ayr.

(Please note dates and details correct at time of award.)

Consultation & Commissioning Process

Artist-led workshops were designed and shared with local community groups. This project had a commitment towards facilitating multi-sensory experiences when encountering the artworks. This commitment was realised not only in the artworks but in the education programme that formed part of the consultation process over the lifespan of the project.

A limited competition inviting four organisations to submit proposals. The successful proposal was selected via a judging panel and presentations from each collaborating organisation.


Artist-designed walls, paving, landscape, Braille House, street furniture and security/lighting.

Artist-led workshops with special needs groups

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