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Craigie College of Education Drama Group 1964 - 88

This is a record of selected Drama and Theatre presentations at Craigie College of Education between 1964 and 1988.  During this period the College presented nearly forty dramatic performances including plays, operas and musicals.

The College opened in September 1964.  Apart from an early production of Noyes Fludde, which was given in a local church, performances took place on the College campus. The Assembly Hall was the only performance space when the College opened. The new Theatre was completed in late 1969 and its opening public performance, by the College, took place in 1970.

In 1964 all the students were women. Obviously this limited the choice of play. Cross-dressing or the use of male staff, not exclusively from the Drama Department, in plays with large female casts was the usual pattern.. The first male students arrived in 1966 but, throughout the period reviewed, a dearth of male student actors was always a problem. As time went on there was increasing dependence on local ex-students to fill male roles. The “golden age” of Craigie productions was from the late 1960s to the end of the 1970s.  The last major College production was in 1981.

The following productions are featured in this slide show.:

1964 The Christmas Story Carl Orff
1965 The Fan Carlo Goldoni (translated by Henry B. Fuller)
1966 The Women of Troy Euripides (translated by Philip Vellacott)
1967 The Way of the World
William Congreve
1969 The Beggar's Opera John Gay
1970 The Crucible Arthur Miller
1974 The Devils John Whiting
1979 Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare
1981 Murder in the Cathedral T.S. Eliot

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