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Patrick Heron CBE  1920 - 99

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Patrick Heron CBE  1920 - 99

1.  Market Place (Half Church Tower): St Ives: 1950 by Patrick Heron Oil on canvas, 91.6 x 30.6 cm.  Maclaurin Art Collection.  Purchased from Austin Desmond Fine Art, 1985, with grant aid from the Local Museums Purchase Fund.  Photograph ©The Maclaurin Trust

Exhibited at the Bath Contemporary Art Fair, 1986 by Austin Desmond Fine Art.

Exhibited in 'From the Artist's Studio' - Paintings by Patrick Heron, Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr, 1995, touring to Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie.

Exhibited in A Different Way of Working: The Prints of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and St Ives Painting, The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock, 19th January - 11th May 2013.

2.   Patrick Heron, circa 1957-8, reproduced in Waddington Galleries, Four Middle Generation Painters, 1959. Photograph by ©Brian Seed.

3.   'From the Artist's Studio' - Paintings by Patrick Heron, Maclaurin Art Gallery, Ayr, 1995, Catalogue cover for the 1995 exhibition, designed by Mike Bailey.  Photograph reproduced from an original provided by the ©artist.

Market Place (Half Church Tower): St Ives is an early work from a formative period of Heron's development.  It represents a period of transition from the pictorial, albeit fragmented depictions, of landscape and familiar objects to the pure colour fields of the middle period when the artist was engaged in a dialogue with the abstract expressionists of America.  In this sense, it is probably a unique work in Scottish Collections.  It can be related to Harbour Window with Two Figures, St Ives: July 1950 (in the Tate Gallery) and St Ives Churchyard (in the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield) and other 'cubist-related' works of this period.  Among his portrait work of this period, there are parallels with his Portrait of Herbert Read and his later self portrait (both in the National Portrait Gallery, London).

This painting was found at the Bath Art Fair in 1986, displayed by Austin Desmond Fine Art. It was immediately recognised as a work eminently suitable for inclusion in the Maclaurin Art Collection and reserved for consideration by the purchasing committee.

The possession of this painting was a key factor in the planning and execution of the 1995 exhibition 'From the Artist's Studio' at the Maclaurin Art Gallery and the Lillie Art Gallery in Milngavie. Heron's generosity of spirit, highlighted by Clare Henry in the obituary in The Herald, ensured that we had an exciting survey of Heron's life's work, carefully selected by the artist with an installation planned jointly with the exhibition curator, Mike Bailey.

This work was identified and championed by Mike Bailey.

[Text based, in part, on Gallery records and personal recollections.]



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