Theatres in Ayrshire ~ 1800 - 2014

Craigie College of Education Theatre, Ayr

The theatre was used for lectures and college drama productions. It was host to Ayr and Craigie Film Society and a broad range of visiting companies.

Both Ayr Intimate Opera and the Compass Club mounted productions in the theatre during the 1970's and early 1980's.

The stage area has now been replaced by a sound studio isolated from the auditorium and the University of the West of Scotland has opened a dedicated drama studio at the rear of the former assembly hall.

In 2012 the new University of the West of Scotland Campus opened on the Dam Park and Craigie site. The old college, including the theatre, is due for demoition in 2013.

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Craigie 1
1.  Craigie College of Education Theatre.  Raked seating and stage viewed from rear gangway. magnify ¬©Frederick Bentham, Rank Strand Electric

2.  Raked seating, catwalks and projection room viewed from the stage. magnify ¬©Frederick Bentham, Rank Strand Electric.

3.  Compass Club production of The Taming of the Shrew magnify

4.  The Witches from The Compass Club Production of Macbeth  magnify

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