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1. Theatre Royal 

2. October


Ayrshire Theatres, Theatre Royal (1815), Fort Street, Ayr.  

1.    Theatre Royal.  North elevation in Mews Lane.

Date June 2009
Photographer ©M Bailey

2.    Press Notice,  October performances.

Date June 2010
Photographer ©M Bailey (From the Ayr Advertiser)

Theatre Royal.

Also known as the Queens Hall.  Now Ayr Baptist Church.   Some of the features may be discerned in the recent pictures on the Ayr Baptist Church web site.

This view of the North elevation taken from Mews Lane shows the windows at balcony level and lower level windows which would have overlooked the pit, some three metres below ground level.

Theatre Royal, Air

The Public are respectfully informed, that this Theatre will be opened on Monday next, October 30th, 1815, with the admired Comedy of the Honey Moon, and the Farce of Raising the Wind. The company will consist of Mr. H Johnston, Acting Manager - Mr. Mason, from the Theatre Royal, Hay-Market, Stage-manager - Mr. Lacy, his first appearance here for four seasons - Mr. and Mrs. Tyrie, from the Theatre Royal, Newcastle - Mr. and Mrs. Tyrie, from the Threatre Royal, Edinburgh - Messrs. Mackay, Scott, Shaw, Arkin, Andrews, McCann, &c. &c. - Mrs. Macnamara, and Miss Wallack, from the Theatres Royal London and Oxford, Miss O'Keefe, Mrs. Atkins, Miss Atkins, &c. &c.

Scenery and decorations painted by Mr. Atkins, and entirely new. Machinery by Mr. George Johnston and Mr. Seagrave.   Leader of the Band, by Mr. Marshall - Violincello by Mr. Stewart - Violins, &c. by Messrs. Rodolph, Andrew, &c.

Mrs. Clarke, from the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, Mrs. Garrick from the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, and Mrs Tayleure, are engaged for a few nights. Mr. Meggett, whose great success the last season, at the Theatre Royal Hay-Market, has ranked him with the first Tragic Actors of the Day, is also engaged for a short time. Due notice will be given of their first appearance.

In consequence of the unavoidable shortness of the season, the Theatre will open every night.

The Box Plan will be kept at Mr. Sprent's. The Boxes will be Let in rows The tickets to be purchased, when seats are taken, and Places cannot be kept after the first Act.

The Balconies may be taken as Private Boxes when finished.

Tickets to be had of Mr. Johnston, and at Mr. Sprent's.   Boxes, 3s.- Pit, 2s.- Gallery, 1s. Children, under twelve years of age, admitted to the Boxes only, at 2s. - Children in arms cannot be admitted to any part of the Theatre, on any account whatsoever.

Doors to be open at Half-past Six, and the Performance to commence at Seven o'clock precisely.

N. B. No person can be admitted to the Theatre, but on particular business, till the opening night.

Air Advertiser and West Coast Journal, October 1815

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