Actors, Musicians and Theatre Personalities with Scottish Links ~ Mortimer Murdoch (1822 - 1908)

1. Murdoch

Mortimer Murdoch 1822 - 1908

Murdoch was born in Ayrshire. He died in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, where he settled after his retirement. He was a renowned Shakespearean Actor and a playright, completing some 40 works during his lifetime.

Although known as Murdoch in Ayrshire, his name was generally recorded as Murdock when in the United States.  

(The Network is indebted to Bradford L. McHargue for provision of a copy of the death certificate from the Massachusetts Archives.)


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Theatre Royal Playbill (detail)

Theatre Royal, Ayr, Scotland, a large Scottish theatre playbill for 16th December (1848) under the management of Miss Fielding. The Lady of Lyons by Edward Bulwer Lytton and The Moustache Movement. Actors and people named on poster: James Bisson, Mortimer Murdoch, Miss Fielding, Mrs. Bisson, Mrs Langley, Mr. J.C. Burne, Mr Sherbourne, Mr. J. Gould, Mr. J. Appleby, Mr. Reid, Mr. Parke, Mr. F. Howard, Mr. H. Hill, Mr. Sherbourne, Mr. Melvin, Mr Banks, Miss Gordon.


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