Design and Technology in the Theatre  ~  1800 - 2017
Evolution of practice and materials with some references to 20th Century Ayrshire

Appia Adolphe Appia's design for Orpheus, at the Hellerau Eurythmics Centre, 1913 (Rabbit Hole).   Date:  1913.   Photographer unknown. Original Image believed to be out of copyright.

Tristan 1962
Tristan und Isolde Act 2.  Wieland Wagner's 1962 Production of Richard Wagner's Opera at Bayreuth.  Date: 1969.  Photographer: Unknown, ©Bildarchiv Bayreuther Festspiele  Reproduced in 1876 Bayreuth 1992, published by ©Bayreuther Festspiele GMBH 1991

This page provides links to a variety of individuals and groups, both amateur and professional that have made a significant contribution to the evolution of European theatrical design and practice, with some references to the Arts in Ayrshire, over the past fifty years or more. 

It is shown how the work of some of the key theorists and individuals associated with companies touring to Scotland or working with Scottish Opera, influenced practice in Ayrshire.  This is a personal analysis of the available material and reflects the writer's involvement in a variety of projects over the past 60 years.





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