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The former county of Ayrshire and the island of Arran became part of Strathclyde Region following the local government re-organisation in 1975. At that time there were four distinct district authorities providing local services. Education was a regional function but most cultural services were provided by the District Councils.

Following the re-organisation of Scottish Local Government in 1996, the former Ayrshire division of Strathclyde was divided into three unitary authorities. Each authority provides a range of services for their residents. Leisure and cultural provisions are a responsibility of the unitary authority and have a distinct identity in each area.

The three unitary Authorities are shown on the map on this page.

Many artists, makers and performers in South and East Ayrshire have maintained close links with the neighbouring district of Dumfries and Galloway.  The Dumfries and Galloway tab provides links to key facilities in that area.

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